Dining At Fraser Hill

Mimi Strawberi is an eatery inside of the Sports Complex of town, settled along the verandah with a perspective confronting the fairway. Formely in Food Garden, Mimi Strawberi now appreciates a vital area confronting the town indirect, with a faithful after of neighborhood inhabitants running through all seasons. The eatery’s name is a mix of ‘Mimi’, the young lady from Tioman who works the diner, and her mark strawberry milk shakes and ice mixed beverages from the menu. The eateries serves a varied scope of Malay peddler slow down cooking, including Tom Yam, Nasi Paprik, Sup Tulang, Mi Bandung, Banjo Burger and neighborhood forms of Western nourishment dishes.

Food garden is a large food court at Fraser Hill composed of local restaurants and stalls at Taman Awam Public Park, located off Pine Tree Road after the round PKBF building or just before crossing the waterfall (Allan’s Water at the left and Jeriau Waterfall at the right. Continuing uphill on Jalan Genting after the mosque, there is a children’s playground.. On the same ground is one of the best places to hunt for food on the Fraser’s Hill.

Smokehouse restaurant & Scott -Not much different from The Smokehouse Cameron Highlands, walking into this place if you’re ready to spend. It is set in a colonial bungalow that retains all the charm and characteristic matched with opulent furnishings of the English cottage. It’s elegant restaurant, which serves authentic British food.

Puncak Inn D’olio Restaurant – Side Walk Cafe – Managed by Puncak Inn Hotel, there are two areas i.e. lunch and blanket-patio which overlooks the clock tower and clock tower people hovering. Here the food starts to RM7, can go above RM20 for bar grills and western dining.

Kheng Yuan Lee Eating Shop

Kheng Yuan Lee Eating Shop

Kedai Makan Kheng Yuen Lee, which translates literally to ‘ Kheng Yuan Lee eat shop ‘ their cartel, is the first restaurant that greets visitors as they enter Bukit Fraser from Gap, which is situated left opposite the sundry shop, and not far away from town center.

Scott’s Pub and Restaurant, ( formerly known as the Tavernis) os a eatery that sitsĀ  near to clock tower and town circuitous, roosted beside Puncak Inn Hotel. Housed in a pilgrim lodge of fake Tudor structural engineering, the eatery additionally serves a determination of nearby dishes close by its English menu, with a few pastas, finger nourishment and imported lagers tossed in.

Dinner at Scott

Dinner at Scott

Guests can eat outside on the little yet lovely garden territory, or inside, a boutique old world setting with pilgrim appeal, including block chimneys and pillars along the dividers. Scott’s Pub and Restaurant is open day by day, from evening (12pm) till late night (10pm).

Kedai Makan Hamzah is another restaurant located on a hill along Jalan Genting next to the mosque, a short distance from the city centre on foot or by car.