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Fraser’s Hill is well known as a highland tourist destination of Malaysia.The Fraser’s hill is about 1.5 meters from the sea level and it is famous of 7 well-known peaks. This hill resort in Malaysia covers approximately 50 km of forest area and 150 hectares of green land. Visitors having vacation at Fraser’s Hill could enjoy the cool temperature at an average of 14-18 degree throughout the year at this hill station. Bio diversity of this hill resort is one of its attraction. This famous hill resort is one of the best choice for holiday maker for long vacation as well as weekends family gathering, throughout every season of the year. Fraser’s Hill can also be extremely popular site for a number of multinational company retreats.

It only takes about 2 hours drive to reach Fraser Hill from Kuala Lumpur City Center. A one way road is also available here for a long time to provide easy access to Fraser’s Hill which is termed as the Gap. A new road was also build up in 2001 but it is not as popular as the previous two.

The most popular attractions of Fraser Hill are: various kinds of bird races, bird watching destinations,Jeriau Waterfalls, Bishop’s Trail, Pine Tree Trail,Hemmant Trail, Clock Tower,as well as the Royal Fraser’s Hill Golf Club etc.

Hotels At Fraser Hill

There are plenty selections of popular bungalows,hotels & resorts at Fraser Hill. Popular bungalows are such as Richmond bungalow,Pekan Parr bungalow,Glen bungalow,Guthrie bungalow,Jerantut bungalow and many more. Most of these bungalows were left behind by the British since British colonial days. Some of the bungalows still remain privately owned while some of them have turned into resort or holidays chalets for renting to holiday makers.The Pine Resort & Silverpark Resort are among the famous resorts at Fraserhill. The Pine Resort is comprise of 90 units of 3 bedroom apartments,with a balcony which opens up to an impressive view of the surrounding valleys and jungles available in each of the apartments.The Silverpark Resort is a famous selection for social as well as large corporate group outings as it offers accommodation in 13 studio units which could accomodate 2 persons, 13 three bedroom units (which could accomodate 6 persons) and 73 two bedroom units (four pax).


Review of Fraser Hill Hotel :

We stayed at Shahzan Inn Fraser’s Hill during our last visit to Fraser Hill Malaysia, an excellent location for Malaysian Birding. The hotel restaurant at downstairs is quite nice and has been maintained quite well.” Jescica, Poland.

“TM Resorts Fraser Hill offers strategic location and large comfortable rooms. Room very nicely furnished. Our hotel room offers nice views over rainforest. There was no catering in this Fraser Hill hotel, so we have to walk 20 minutes to town. If you have a car and want a quiet stay in fantastic location then you may consider this Fraser Hill hotel.” Nina, US.

“2 days and 1 night stay at Puncak Inn Fraser Hill was wonderful.This hotel located up to the hill so the view is excellent. We enjoy staying at this decent environment. Hotel is clean and good service.” Johnathen, Australia. More review of Fraser Hill hotels

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